Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork: Team Building Activities in Pittsburgh

tema building 2

When you hear that your company is planning a “team building activity,” what is your first reaction?

  1. Roll your eyes
  2. Run
  3. Have horrible flashbacks to a trust fall exercise gone wrong
  4. All of the above

Whether you’ve been working for five or fifteen years, you have likely encountered a yawn-inducing team building exercise. However, not all team building activities have to be painful. Especially in Pittsburgh where Hoffmann Murtaugh is based.

Here are some ideas to encourage bonding and get your team out of the offices!

  • Hands down our top recommendation is the pizza making class at Enrico Biscotti, which was recommended by several employees! Jess A. put it perfectly, “Wine and dine while you learn some history of pizza and even make your own pie! You can get creative and competitive with your coworkers too.”

Pizza Making


  • There are Escape Rooms popping up like crazy all over the city. They offer a great chance to harness all of the team brainpower and skills to work together.  They are challenging, but fun!  Since most rooms can’t fit an entire group, it’s fun to split into teams to see who can escape and do it the fastest. – Amy V.


  • A group fitness activity, like yoga or a cycle class can be fun. Especially if it’s followed by a happy hour to hydrate! – Brandi


  • A sporting event, like a Pirates game, with a mini tailgate party with significant others! – Christina


  • Two words – trampoline park!! Haha, okay, maybe not, but Flight Pittsburgh has a Ninja Warrior course you can do as a team. – Jess Roz


  • Around the holidays, bake cookies together! Have everyone bring a different recipe and then create a mini-recipe book for everyone to take home. – Mel



  • For a twist on the typical happy hour, a “meow-ting” at the Cat Loft! – Aimee B.




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