Good Ideas Start With Great Coffee

national coffee day final

As the saying goes, good ideas start with great coffee. This quote holds true for our team. With a flexible work environment, many of our successful meetings with clients and colleagues happen over a great cup of joe.

We consider ourselves connoisseurs of Pittsburgh coffee shops, so we rounded up our favorite spots in the city to work, meet or drink!

  • Coffee Tree Roasters in Shadyside is great for a real relaxed coffee shop atmosphere. Crazy Mocha on Ellsworth has lots of seating, abundant power outlets, and many beverage options to choose from. When it comes to the most important aspect- Starbucks has the most reliable Wi-Fi – Paige


  • Panera is a staple, because no matter where you happen to be, there is bound to be a Panera nearby. The Wi-fi is normally reliable. I’m not clear whether it’s encouraged, but I like to help myself to coffee refills.  It’s a decent, quick lunch and generally clean.  The only downside is finding a table close to an outlet to keep the laptops charged up when we meet for an extended period of time.  – Aimee

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 3.11.32 PM


  • For me, it’s not so much about particular places, but they must have the following: plenty of available seating with outlets nearby, a few bigger table options, no overly loud music jamming from the ceiling (or if there is a room or nook nearby to have a call in when necessary). That being said, the newer Crazy Mochas in or around town usually have this all available. – Johanna



  • On a nice day, I’m a big fan of working outside at Coffee Buddha in the North Hills. The cold brew on tap is amazing and be sure to check the biscotti of the day! Convive Coffee in McCandless Crossing is a fantastic place to work inside. Almost every table has its own outlet. The store has an awesome pay it forward system, so you can give or take a cup! In the Strip District, 21st Street Coffee has great tables to meet, but be sure to check the store hours in advance. – Brandi

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 3.10.26 PM.png

  • You have to go to location level on this question. Some Panera locations are great, while others try to freeze you out by cranking the AC.  Some Starbucks are great, but others blast crazy music making it impossible to take a call.  I love the Crazy Mocha at 309 Smithfield Street downtown – it’s always empty and they have a big table to meet with others to work and lots of outlets.  The negative – having to get a key for the bathroom. – Amy

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