8 Tips For The Class of 2018

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May marks the start of graduation season – for both college and high school students. As we reflect on our own graduation, we asked our team for their best advice for those entering the real world.

Eight Tips for the Class of 2018

You don’t have to have it all figured out the day after you graduate.  Take a breath, work hard, and fail forward often! – Shea M.

Always be yourself. During the interview process, most often, a company is not only looking to see who is fit for the job but who can also fit in with the personalities/dynamics of the team. – Christina T.

Invest your time in internships. When I interviewed for my first job at a local TV station, my interviewer was so impressed that I knew one of his good friends – a man who owned an ad agency I interned for. – Amanda W.

Clean up your social profiles.  Social platforms serve almost as a digital reference; it is something that employers check when making hiring decisions. – Amy V.

Clean up your social media. While party pictures may be fun, they might prevent you from landing your dream job depending on how scandalous that they are. – Karl C.

Apply. Apply. Apply. A friend once told me that for every 10 resumes you send, you receive one call. Don’t be nervous to apply for a job if you don’t meet every requirement on the listing. Companies recognize that some skills are teachable if you have experience with the other duties outlined. Finally, don’t give up. I applied for 111 jobs before I landed an internship at a global PR agency. I kept the list as a reminder that persistence will help you achieve your goal! – Brandi S.

Networking is key. Build strong relationships. Always act professional. You can only make one first impression. – Melissa W.

Don’t stress out when you don’t hear back from a job right away, and don’t be afraid to reach out to family friends or acquaintances if they are currently in the field you’re interested in. Any advice helps! – Paige K.



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