The 10-Second Commute: Our Best Tips for Working from Home


According to a recent story in The New York Times, in 2016 43 percent of employed Americans reported that they spent at least some time working remotely.

At Hoffmann Murtaugh, a flexible work environment is at the core of our company. While we are always on the go meeting at our co-working space or with clients, for most of our team, “heading into the office” means walking into a designated space in their home.

If you are new to a virtual office or considering making a change, we asked our team to share their best tips for working from home.

  • Make a space – Create a working environment that gives you the ability to have everything you need for your work day at your fingertips.  You should have a dedicated office in your home that is away from your everyday life.  This will limit your distractions.  – Shea M.
  • Stick to a routine – Although we don’t have to worry about rushing out the door to commute to work (on most days), I still like to try to stay in a routine as much as possible. If I can, I like to start my day without immediately turning to my phone. Use the morning to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, take a shower or get organized for the day. By the time it is time to log on, you will be more focused and ready for the day!  – Christina T.
  • Know when you are most productive – It could be in the morning or later in the day. Plan your day and workload around what times you work best while still being mindful of deadlines. – Johanna O.
  • Stretch – Take advantage of the ability to stretch your legs as frequently as you want- if I notice I’ve been sitting for a little too long, I get up, stretch, and make some coffee. – Paige K.
  • Be organized and self-motivated – Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Make time for creative brainstorming with other members of your team to bounce ideas off of each other. – Karl C.
  • Don’t forget to interact with employees –  We use instant messenger quite a bit which is helpful for impromptu interaction and collaboration on days where there aren’t meetings bringing us together.  A well-placed emoji can be worth 1,000 words!  – Aimee B.

Three Things You Should Know About YouTube Campaigns


Does the recent news regarding YouTube advertising have you second guessing running a YouTube campaign? Are you nervous that your creative message will show up in unsafe areas such as adult, religion and extremist related content? YouTube is not as bad as it currently sounds and we want you to be assured that we can manage a successful YouTube campaign and protect your brand. Please continue reading to see how Hoffmann Murtaugh can help your brand with YouTube advertising!

1.       Safety First

YouTube offers safety features to guard against unintended placements on dubious video content across YouTube’s inventory such as extremist videos. Hoffmann Murtaugh has a robust process of assuring that your campaign will be delivered across the right placements. We implement a tight targeting strategy with heavy reliance on the more specific targeting options such as placements and keywords. Also, we layer in strict negative targeting (again with keywords and placements) to all campaigns. This list of negative content gets updated on a monthly basis to make certain that no new unsafe content has popped up.

2.       You Get What You Pay For

Campaigns should steer away from KPIs and placements with cheap Cost Per Views (CPVs).  At Hoffmann Murtaugh, we employ several tactics beyond an extremely low CPV to safeguard the content that your advertisements will be seen on. Cheap CPVs with little targeting and no negative targeting tend to be more exposed to bad placements. Rather, it is better to concentrate on higher quality contextual placements and strict negative targeting, which leads to better performance (completion rates) and brand safety. 

3.       Have an Expert on Your Side

Lastly, the potential for unintended placements on dubious video content has always been and will continue to be a possibility with YouTube advertising. Hoffmann Murtaugh will take the time to uncover all of your goals and set up strict targeting so that your message will only be seen by your intended audience. You can rest assured that YouTube is just another advertising channel that Hoffmann Murtaugh is an expert and leader in. We take the right approach to make sure that your message will be delivered to the right audience and will not be served next to unsafe content. If you are considering advertising on YouTube, reach out to us and our dedicated digital team will be able to create and customize a successful campaign for your brand.

This post was written by Karl Christmann, a Digital Media Planner/Buyer with Hoffmann Murtaugh.  

Welcome To Our Blog!


Welcome to the Hoffmann Murtaugh “Beyond the Plan” blog!

Our goal as an agency is to help clients think beyond a standard media plan to generate measureable results. We don’t believe a relationship between a client and agency ends once the plan is in place – we are always looking for new opportunities, evolutions and improvements.  We hope to use this space to share our point of view on industry news and trends and give you a glimpse into our agency culture!

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